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From Alexis to Max – 7 December 2016


Seeing as how you never come to see us anymore I feel it it is my duty to keep you updated with the local news in town. How do you stand it up there all alone by yourself? No one to talk to, not a mall in sight. It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. Any how, Mr Andrews, you remember him from flat number 6 who works at the post office? Had to have his cat Mrs Marjory put down. Poor fellow he is distraught, can’t say the same for the rest of the building though. That bloody thing used to terrorize the post boxes. It held Mrs Upinton’s boy, from number 4, hostage, poor thing was just trying to get his acceptance letter from Uni. Oh Anne Sizemore from number 2 next door is moving onto man number four in two months, apparently poor Justin wanted to make an honest woman out of her, well she kicked him right to the curb she did, had her a new fella by sunset. Could hear them getting right down to business. Now Max the real reason I write is to tell you that Juliet is back in town, I bumped into her at our old coffee spot, can you imagine the audacity? To show her face at all the places we used to hang out? She lost all right to this place when she did what she did. Of course I tried not to make eye contact but she walked right up to me as though we were friends and asked if I knew where you were. I asked her what she wanted with you, she told me it was not my business, which is when I told her I told her to fuck off, that she had no right to ask me those questions anymore. She had the gall to look hurt! I’m going to do some recon, find out what she’s up to. Maybe it’s a good thing you’re not around. But still I worry about you as great aunts are supposed to. That house is a death trap Max and you know absolutely nothing about construction! You are an accountant for Christ’s sake! What ever made you think you could fix it up yourself?

Gotta run, Trina and I are doing a little gathering mission.




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